Fast Internet Girl!

Whoa! I have fast Internet at my house!

Last week I called Charter to set all this up. The person who I talked with about the installation said the tech could be here by 8am, and then I'd be able to go to work by 8:30am with the tech here alone - as long as I felt okay about that and left the necessary funds required.

It turned out that the tech didn't show up until 9am, and he said I couldn't leave. I called Charter at 8:15am wondering where the tech was at.

Arg! I was a frustrated girl, but I went into work before the tech got here and explained the situation - it wasn't a big deal at all, especially since I'll be working until 10pm tonight anyway. That's still a 12 hour day - so I guess everything works out just fine. Then I headed back home to sit while the technician did the installation.

And - as a special bonus - due to the mistake on Charter's part (Charter is the Internet/Cable company) - I get free installation. That's $85!

And now I have fast Internet. Wow! It's so much faster!
Upgrade upgrade upgrade!

Now back to work.

Have a lovely Tuesday!


  1. yay for free installation! happy fast internetting! =)

  2. I love the way you mix fast internet and notes written on a typewriter! (thanks for the little note - made my afternoon!)