The early, early morning.

These days, I wake up around 4:30am every morning.

I'd prefer it was a 6:30am wake-up time, but, the ol' steroids in my bloodstream have a mind of their own (hopefully I will only be ingesting them for the sake of the platelets for another month or so).

On a positive note, this very early "rise and shine" means I am able to enjoy extra hours every day. There are some negative notes of 5 hours of sleep a night - but many of you are parents, so I'm sure you're all-too-aware of the downsides to less sleep. And, who wants to dwell on the downers, right? Better to just focus on the "special blessing" of getting extra awake hours to enjoy the wonders of creation.

This morning, while all was quiet, I listened to last week's Ramadan-themed episode of "Speaking of Faith," watched the documentary "The September Issue" about Anna Wintour (editor of Vogue magazine), and ate breakfast.

I should've written a post about Ramadan when it began a few days ago.

This Wikipedia link on Ramadan is a good one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramadan

If you'd like to hear lots of personal reflections on this sacred month of the Muslim faith, I highly recommend last week's "Speaking of Faith" podcast. http://speakingoffaith.publicradio.org/programs/2010/ramadan/

Have a lovely Saturday! It's super foggy, but I think I'm going to head out for a nice, long walk filled with happy thoughts and deep breaths.

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