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Greetings. Happy Monday!
Seriously, eventually I will stop talking about platelets.
For those who want an update....

MY PLATELETS ARE UP THIS MORNING! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I had a blood test at 6:30am.
On Friday when they were down to 24,000 - my plan was to wait over the weekend to make any decisions.

Today, they are at 31,000!
They are UP!

I truly believe the prayers, visualizing, positive thinking, green smoothies, supplements, vitamins, herbs, and breathing exercises are working!!!!!!! Bit by bit, the platelets going to come back. And I may just get to keep my dear ol' spleen!

And now back to my giant "to do" list pile. Oh me, oh my! Fall programming at church. Much to be done.

Thank you for being great - for your support and encouragement!

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