Your Favorite Vegetable?

(taken in New Mexico)
My newest hobby is introducing people to kohlrabi!
I love it!
I bring kohlrabi to meetings.
I bring kohlrabi to home visits.
It's so fun. What a great vegetable!

All this kohlrabi-ing got me thinking, I bet there are vegetables I don't know about yet!

So, my question for you is: what is your favorite unique vegetable?
Come on people, help a lady out!


  1. I've never tried kohlrabi, but now I think I'm going to have to.

    I love leeks--do those count as unique?

  2. Just met Kohlrabi last week via our CSA - check out my kohlrabi patty recipe on my blog. YUMMY

  3. i will have you to know little lady, ;) that i grew some kohlrabi in my petite garden this year just because of you! now, tell me a fabulous recipe so that i can use it :) hugs!!

  4. Great responses, ladies!

    Flesworthy: Yes - Leeks are awesome! Great answer!

    lsquared: Can't wait to try that recipe! Go kohlrabi!

    Melita: SO FUN! That's awesome! I've only eaten kohlrabi raw, and I LOVE it that way. Just cut off the outside, chop it up, and add some salt. DELICIOUS!