Some silly hospital pics

Here are just a few silly pics of the last few days which I will remember as: "The Platelet Saga." Mom and I tried to laugh a lot. She took some funny pictures. I wish she was in some of them! There aren't pics of all my helpful nurses or doctors either - Mayo has a "no photo" policy about staff members. So I will just remember them VERY fondly in my heart! Thank you Dr. Cabrerra, Tad, Mary Beth, and the hematology team!

In the ER. Getting ready for my unit of platelets. Looking a little too cheerful.

Attempting to look sickly.

Yum! Platelets!

Here's what a unit of platelets looks like. They didn't stick around in my body for very long, but I learned a lot about blood along the way.

Being silly.
My first (of hopefully NOT too many) visits to Mayo's Hematology department.
I'm holding up a hand making the shape of a Pacman. All the doctors described what was happening in my body by making this shape with their hand and then opening and closing it like Pacman eating the little dots. The antibodies were like the Pacmans, eating all the platelets.

But not anymore! Because now all the systems of my body are back on the same team! Way to go!

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