God is here.

I don't know why, but I just LOVE pictures of the sun.
I know it's super dangerous to look right at the sun, so maybe it's the inner rebel inside of me who LOVES being risky and taking sun pictures (though I generally take them with my eyes closed).

This photo was taken in New Mexico.

I've been thinking a lot today about friendship and community.
I was able to do a number of home visits today and I got to interact with people of all ages - from 3 on up. People are so amazing. I love just being around them and listening to their stories of life and family, the ups and the downs.

This earth is not always an easy place to live. There are big challenges that people face all the time (as I'm sure that all of you already know firsthand). It's inspiring to see the way that people take care of each other. It's encouraging to see the Creator of the universe at work; it's beautiful to see love being shared. God is here.

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  1. I like this shot of the sun... and thanks for the inspiring words (always appreciated!)