Weekend highlights.

Today, I returned to pastoral reality.

Yesterday, however, I was able to have a dia de divertido (something like 'day of fun') with my momma! First, we ate at a restaurant called Pannekoeken where they serve Dutch pancakes.

My lovely mother ordered hot tea, and LOOK WHAT THEY BROUGHT OUT WITH THE HOT WATER! A whole tea case! She had her choice of all these lovely teas. I encouraged to go ahead and take the whole carrying case home, but she didn't think that's what the restaurant intended. So, alas, we didn't get to keep this amazing tea carrying case!

Then, we took a lovely stroll in Rochester.

On the stroll, we saw this bird.

Then, we tried to get a picture with me and the bird. Can you find the bird in this picture? We can't. All I see is a silly lady pastor.

The rest of the day was filled with gardening, an episode of Northern Exposure, loads of laughter, a mini-makeover at Macy's, and some delicious Indian food. Yum!
Hope your Memorial Day was delightful. Any highlights?

Tomorrow I will post a "People Are Interesting" interview that I did with my pal, Christopher.

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  1. I did a mini-makeover at Norstroms last Sunday! Was yours at Clinique? It was bonus time at Woodfield, I bought some lovely new makeup and recieved a beautiful bag and samples :)