Southwestern Adventure: Day #1

Good morning! Happy Father's Day to all fathers of the universe.

New Mexico is unlike any place I've ever been! Beautiful, hot, dry, artistic, relaxed, lovely! It's quite heavenly. So far, it has been a delightful adventure. My mom, brother, and I arrived safely and the whole flight only lasted a little over 2 hours. Sadly, my step-dad wasn't able to come along due to some things that came up at work, but we're keeping him in our thoughts and we'll bring back lots of pictures.

My uncle, aunt, cousin, and cousin's son are all here in Santa Fe visiting, too! Family time! So fun! Here are a few pictures from Saturday.

We're ready for an airplane ride!

Rental van time!

First stop: A trip along the longest tram in the world! What a sight!

It was VERY beautiful and VERY windy up at the top!

I've never seen a license plate like this before!
I think this vehicle might belong to Mr. Fahrt.
He must have a great sense of humor.

Rental van = so sweet! With Sirius radio included!

Hope your Sunday is wonderful. More southwestern updates to come....


  1. Your sunglasses are pretty darn fabulously large!

  2. Your sunglasses are pretty darn fabulously large!