People Are Interesting: Karen

Karen Ann Pahl
Rochester, MN
Wife, Mother & Pastor

Today's "Interesting Person" is a dear, wonderful, treasured, inspiring lady pastor friend. Thanks Karen!

1. Where do you feel most comfortable? Hanging out at home with my husband & daughter.

2. Describe your average day in one word. Unexpected

3. Who are the people who most inspire you?
Barbara Brown Taylor - Modern Day Theologian
Paula Deen - Southern Queen of Cooking
John Weber - Great Friend & Incredible Pastor

4. What do you love about your work? Meeting so many different people. Just love getting to know people.

5. What is your most beloved hobby? Knitting & Crocheting

6. What are you reading? An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith (HarperOne, 2009)
By Barbara Brown Taylor

7. What is the best advice you've ever received? Remember you are a Child of God each and every day!!

8. What movie or television show do you think everyone should be required to watch? Finding Nemo - Great movie about friendship & unconditional love!!!

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