New Mexico in Black and White

Good evening.
Here are some more New Mexico Adventure photos.
They are all edited in black and white.

Yesterday at the conference I went to, the speaker mentioned that upon its original invention (back in 1840 or so) not EVERYONE was happy about the camera. Portrait painters were furious! Painters, in general, were quite concerned. They had no idea what the invention of the camera would mean for their futures - their careers.

The painters had a choice. They could either see the invention of the camera as a creative challenge - or they could hunker down and wait for painting as a form of art to go extinct.

Thankfully, most painters took the invention of photography as a creative challenge - and they sought out ways to expand and develop their own art form.

I've been thinking about this example a lot today.
I'm still not exactly sure what to make of it.
But I know that I love the story and the history.

B and W 1

B and W 2

B and W 3

B and W 4

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