Glorious Sunday.

Sunday. Worship this morning was splendid. Very joyful.

Here are some Sunday highlights this far:

#1. I bought the new Phish CD. It's great. I am not sure why I have been ignoring Phish for the last 20 years. I think I was intimidated by the spelling. Now, the "ph" is really growing on me.


#2. Lovely flowers from the garden of an 83-year-old gem. Thank you.

Flowers from a church member.

#3. CHECK IT OUT! Gardening/rain boots! I found them on super clearance at Target. So happy. So happy. So happy.

gardening boots.

#4. Fresh produce from the garden of a church member. Yum. Shortly after this photo, I ate the asparagus for lunch. Delicious!

fresh produce.

#5. A happy garden on a sunny day.

happy garden.

#6. The kohlrabi is starting to take shape!!!!!! *swoon* Be still my heart.


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