I'm feeling excited this morning!

Vacation Bible School starts today at church, and it will run throughout this week.

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday! Whot-whot!
Initially, I was a little overwhelmed by the combination of the two numbers 2 and 7. I wondered if I was getting a little aged. But then, I came to my senses and realized every age is a great age!

And there's all kinds of other fun excitement (related to an upcoming vacation & visits from friends), too - but I'll save those updates for another post.

In light of all this eager anticipation, I looked up the word "excited" in the thesaurus this morning. There's a HUGE list of synonyms. My favorites are: delighted, enthusiastic, frenzied, passionate, inspired, in a tizzy.
I hope that today presents itself with TONS of opportunities for you to use the word "excited" and all its synonyms! Happy Monday, folks.

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