Another Brand New Life & Garden Updates

Today I became a composter!

A lady at church was telling me awhile back about the amazing world of composting. She told me where to get one of these awesome "Earth Machines" to put the compost in, and I decided to go for it.

Why not, right? When in Rome! Carpe diem!

It's a fairly long journey to make compost, but I'm excited to watch the decomposition process.
It will be good to learn how long it actually takes for vegetable and plant matter to break down.
First, I read the assembly instructions.

There were a LOT of steps. But I persevered (even though instructions make me nauseated).

The instructions say that you need to choose a convenient spot for the Earth Machine.
I chose this spot outside my garage door in the backyard.

Here she is! I will call her The Compostinator!

As you probably expected, I am still obsessed with my garden! It's growing fast, fast, fast.
I'm eating lots of tasty produce from the dear ol' garden every day.
Look in the back corner of this photo! You can see The Compostinator!

Another garden shot. I cannot WAIT for these peppers and tomatoes!

These beets were so cute I just had to give them their own photo shoot!
Not only were they cute, they were also truly delicious.
Beets - where have you been all my life? So tasty! I've been doing some searching for beet recipes. I'll have about 100 beets. Any suggestions?

Additionally, I learned today that you can even eat the beet leaves! I'm going to investigate recipes for beet greens, too. I adore the lovely pinkish-red color of the stalks.

Have a glorious afternoon!

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