Things I love about today:

-An hour in a kindergarten classroom. We worked on numbers today. One little gal exclaimed (many, many times), "I just LOVE the number 8."

-Watering the plants in my garden (sprouts are up).

-14 hours at work, and all of them were quite meaningful and positive.

-Eating Grape-Nuts for breakfast and lunch, and then oatmeal for dinner.

-Text messages (always so day-brightening)

-The Health & Wellness Team met for the first time at church! :) We are going to come up with a really awesome name for our team SOON!


Your turn, my beloveds. What did you love today?


  1. I love that I knitted a whole sleeve for my cardigan! Now just one more to go!

  2. -The love for an unborn baby
    -God's Word, from different and knowledgeable perspectives
    -Coffee cake
    -Cade's nap time

  3. I loved:

    --sitting on a blanket in the grass with Zoe and watching the backhoe loader do its thing in the alley (we had great timing)

    --talking about bodies, adiaphora, and eucharist with a bunch of pastors

    --putting Zoe to bed in her own crib after five nights away

  4. Free lunch because the bank has a super big meeting today. Tasty.