Photo Lunch Break

Today I spent part of the morning at a required workshop.

It was fairly helpful. The topic was "Healthy Boundaries." All new pastors and new church staff members are required to go.

The leader said: "In some ways, it is the young, single pastors who have the most difficult time."

He was talking about how difficult it can be for young, single pastors to date/develop a social life/etc.

So, I'm not sure how encouraging that part of the conversation really was. Mostly it just made me feel slightly more terrible than I already do about being a "young, single pastor." So, to heal my grief, I used my lunch break to roam around and take pictures of the facilities.

Look! A turkey! Right by the street!

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  1. Okay, being young and single is difficult, not because of anything you are, but because the church and the culture insists that somehow "single" is equal to "less than." I see lots of clergy young or old and married who are in dire straights and not happy, either. Anyway, love to connect. Great blog.

    Laurie (from Dirty Sexy Ministry) I have all sorts of stuff about dating and wearing a collar, and I'd love to share.