Monday Morning Reflections

Good morning, folks.
It's a new week - what are you most excited about?
The warm weather?
Do you have a big roadtrip this weekend?
Are you eager to drink a gigantic cup of coffee this morning?

My favorite musician, Andrew Belle, released a new download a few days ago on Itunes. It's "In My Veins" and I definitely recommend it.

I started the morning with some quality garden time. Those inches of soil and new life have become my sanctuary. I wake up thinking about the garden. I go to sleep thinking about the garden. I'm sure that's probably semi-obsessive. But mostly I just love that space. I love how being in the garden calms me down and forces me to look up-close at lots of tiny details. Strangely, I think the garden has been where I feel most myself lately. No self-judgment or self-doubt. No worry. No fear. Just a sense of peace and some small tasks to keep my heart and mind occupied.

There's another funeral at church today. Praying my heart will exude compassion, love, and hope. For the other parts of today and tonight, I'm praying for energy, enthusiasm, and joy.

Are you ready for this new week?

What is the #1 thing you are MOST looking forward to? (Mine = FRIDAY; sleep-in, watch Breaking Bad, read, cook a lot, relax, laugh) Your turn!

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