Healthy and Whole: Big Yellow Orb

Good afternoon, my beloved blog readers.

I don't really say this enough, so I'll say it now: thank you for reading. Whether you visit this blog once a month, or you've incorporated it into your daily Interweb routine - THANK YOU. The blog is about 1.5 years old, and it's been such a beautiful journey. Thank you for traveling with me through this mysterious reality called life!

This week's "Healthy and Whole" assignment was inspired by that glorious globe we call the sun. I LOVE that spring and summer = increased time to appreciate the sun's splendor. This week, be on the look-out for shapes and colors that remind you of the sun. It can be in art, it can be in a magazine. Anywhere and everywhere - just look for reminders of the big yellow orb around which we're rotating.

Enjoy! Here's something I noticed at last Friday.

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