Adventures in the life of a new gardener....

First, I had the darling teeny, tiny seeds.

Then, I had the precious sprouts.

And now, most recently, I've got my very own garden.

This project started a few days ago.

I woke up and thought, "I'd like to make my first visit to Fleet Farm today."

Fleet Farm has been a store that has always intimidated me.
Also, they don't have many of my favorite items: like cosmetics and high heels. So there hasn't been much incentive for me to visit in the past. But, that was my old life. Now I'm a gardener.

And as much as Fleet Farm has intimidated me in the past, lately its seductive powers have been luring me in.

So, I found one.

And it had a lovely outdoor center.

I didn't go in with much of an agenda. Although I did have a feeling that I wanted to buy gardening supplies. The landlord of the house I'm renting said I could use part of the cornfield outside as my own little garden.

One of the tricky things about Fleet Farm is that you can easily get distracted and lost! There were so many unique departments.

All the bright orange captured my attention. Sadly, the use of the color orange on these garments wasn't meant to be cute. It's for hunting. Someday I will go and visit Fleet Farm with a hunter and then I can learn more about this special department.

I was slightly caught off-guard by the giant wall of deer heads.

And a big, dead, stuffed bear. Look at him. He's in an action pose.

And then, I saw a sign I've never seen in a store before.

A whole department just for ammunition! Interesting.

Eventually I did find the gardening section and stocked up on supplies.
I even bought bird seed.
I never noticed birds much before, but suddenly I've really been caring about them!
The words "indigo bunting" actually came out of my mouth in casual conversation with a bird watcher. It was weird.

I'm not sure what's happening to me!

I've also stopped avoiding the country music stations on the radio!

My favorite new garden tool is the one pictured above. I used it for hours and hours to till (is that a real word?) up the ground. I even got my first gardening injury! A big blister on my palm.

Here's the finished product! My very own garden! Of course, I still have basically no clue what I'm doing. But I did find this adorable white fencing. So, even if I don't have an abundant harvest, at least it will be cute.

I've planted some kohlrabi. I can tell they are going to grow big and strong. They like being planted haphazardly; or at least that's what I tell myself. I like digging random holes and putting seeds and plants in them. Rows seems too constraining.

I still need to plant more things in the garden; hopefully I will find some time next week.

Until then, here she is:
Thanks for joining me on this journey into the gardening life!


  1. What a beautiful garden! Love the fence.

    I don't think I inherited my parents' green thumb, but I planted a few things with the kids--tomatoes, oregano, basil, rosemary. Hopefully there's homemade pizza in our future!

  2. Hey Jennifer! Sorry - you had to look at the first run of that post; I cleaned it up a bit. :)

    Your garden sounds delicious! Oh how I wish I could come eat a pizza with your family!!!!