Typewriter Thoughts: Faith at 14

At the church where I work, we have a confirmation program for 7th-9th graders. The young people come every Wednesday night to learn about faith and God and life and the Lutheran tradition.We spend a little time in the large group with all 80 or 90 kids, and then we break into small groups. This poem is inspired by the small group I journeyd with throughout the year. Tonight was our last night of small group, and I am so truly and absolutely proud of them!

Faith at 14
Like sponges, you absorb
God seeps into your veins, so new and living
Questions pour out. You wonder.
Everything seems uncertain, yet this Book of Holy nonsense and wisdom
Discoverers of truth, explorers of unknowns,
You teach, you stretch, you grow.
We teach, we stretch, we grow.

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