Blog of the Week: Cake Wrecks (so so so funny)

Song Worth Hearing: Regina Spektor - "Laughing With" from her Itunes Exclusive Live CD

Another weekly wrap-up: I got a haircut!  I randomly went to a new stylist, Carrie, and she was terrific.  High-lights, low-lights, and goodbye 4 inches of hair.  A few years ago the back of my hair started to grow in super curly, but no other part is curly, so that has created some challenges when I try to do my hair in the morning.  Every stylist I've had in the last few years says "Hmmm.  It sure is curly back here. That's odd."  Carrie helped me come up with a cut that will be more manageable (and hopefully trendy and stylish).  I got some "products" so we'll see if I can use them by myself without Carrie's help.  I'm hoping it's a cut that I can stick with for awhile!


  1. I love you hair! It is super adorable!
    Hope to see you in person soon!

  2. LOVE Regina Spektor! Put her in as a Pandora station. Bliss.

    Lovely hair! Just lovely :)