A Love Banquet

There is a funeral at church this morning. This week has held moments of life and death and everything in between. In general, I live in a permanent state of awe at this thing we call existence. Human relationships are such a gift; the ability to share our journeys with one another - amazing. One of the hymns that will be sung today is: "Shepherd Me, O God" by Marty Haugen. It's based on the 23rd Psalm.

I've been thinking a lot about the 4th verse: "You have set me a banquet of love in the face of hatred, crowning me with love beyond my power to hold."

A banquet of love. What a beautiful image. What does this banquet look like in your life? Where is love pouring in? How can the church be a place where we share in this love feast - with our Creator as the host? How can we all work together, as human beings in relationship with one another, to prepare a banquet of peace and compassion in which all people can share?

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