Fancy Perfume and Dirty Feet

The gospel text for Sunday is quite fascinating; it's been glued to my soul all week.  John 12:1-8.  If you've got a moment, I invite you to crack open the ol' B-I-B-L-E and check it out.  Or click HERE to read it online.  As you read it - digest the words slowly.  Imagine the environment.  Imagine the smells, the sounds, the energy in the room.  

After you've read it, take a few moments to think about these questions:
1. What surprises you?   

2. If you could chat it up with Jesus about this whole experience, what would you ask him?

3.  If you were best friends with Mary and you happened to be over visiting her that day - and you witnessed the whole thing, what would you say to her later that day?

4.  If God still has a message to speak to us today through this reading (and I think God does), what might that message be?  

5.  It appears Mary is not all that concerned with what other people think; she's concerned about embracing the precious moments she has with Jesus.  How might you embrace the rest of this day?  How might you embrace the special people in your life this weekend?

Ready, set, savor the moment!


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