Art All Around: Movie Review

Today's movie review will be rather brief. For more information on "East of Eden," check out Wikipedia.

I decided to watch this 1955 classic because it's a film I had often heard about but never seen.

It's quite terrific. The film is based on the 1952 novel by John Steinbeck. James Dean stars. How come I didn't know the full story about him before? He was quite a talented actor who died in a 1955 car accident at the age of 24. He is so strikingly handsome. I'm going to watch his other two movies (Giant and Rebel without a Cause) through Netflix in the coming months.

Anyway, back to East of Eden: good writing, good direction, beautiful cinematography, great acting, semi-biblical (kind of like a Cain and Abel story), suspenseful, all-around-excellent.

My rating: 8.5 stars of 10.

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