Weekly Wrap-Up

It's Saturday. Hope you're having a warm weekend (it's -8 in Minnesota today). It's time for the "Weekly Wrap-Up" - a post focused on sharing online highlights from around the Interweb. These are stories, webpages, and blogs that summarize the happenings of the past 7 days. Just click on the links in blue for the full story.

1. Over the past month Gwen Bell (of gwenbell.com) challenged readers to come up with their "Best of 2009" lists. She guided them through 30 different prompts for each day of December. We're so newly into 2010 - it's not too late to do a bit of intentional focus on the past year. Go for it!

2. Dick Clark helped millions and millions ring in another new year.

3. The perfect spot for a moon colony was discovered (are you interested in moving)?

4. World News: Bad suicide car bombing in Pakistan, mudslide in Brazil, someone sneaky stole paintings in France, some seriously amazing women completed a seriously amazing skiing journey finishing at the South Pole.

5. Millions of yogis and yoginas (a made up word for women who practice yoga) started off the new year with 108 sun salutations. This is known as a yoga mala. Here's one yogi's reflections on the experience. I did it yesterday at Breathe Yoga Studios and am more sore than I have been in months (but sore in a good way; it was really a wonderful experience).

Have a great week! Any stories or blog posts you'd like to share? Just post them as a comment. Thanks!

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