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Today's "Art All Around" post will focus on music. A lot of amazing music was released in the past year. I love music, but sadly, my exposure is fairly limited. Everytime I explore pandora.com and Itunes, I am delighted to discover more amazing musicians and bands. I'll post a few of my favs from the past year here. Please share your favorites of 2009 in the comments.

-R & B: Maxwell - "BLACKsummers'night"

-Folk/Indie: (It's way too hard to choose a favorite in this category; here are two great CDs)
Laura Gibson - "Beasts of Seasons"
The Swell Season - "Strict Joy"

-Honorable Mentions:
John Mayer - "Battle Studies"
Brandi Carlile - "Give up the Ghost"
Fleet Foxes - "Fleet Foxes" (actually released in 2008)
Michael Franti & Spearhead - "All Rebel Rockers"
Emily Jane White - "Dark Undercoat"

Do you love live music? Check out all the free concerts you can listen to through NPR's radio program: "All Songs Considered." It's amazing! You can also check out a bunch more terrific "Best Music of 2009" lists by clicking HERE.

What are your favorite CDs of recent months?

Today's Photo: "Sometimes Life is Blurry"

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