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Today's Photo: "A Modified Heart"

Happy Day-After-Christmas. I'm home in Iowa with the family for a few days. It is joyful to be with them. Lots of laughing. And, we just ate some Spam. I've been wanting to try this canned "delicacy" for awhile because the National Spam Museum is in Austin, MN which is close to where I now live. When I eventually go and visit the museum, I'll understand its splendor so much more now that I've tried it. It turns out Spam primarily tastes like ham.

Recently I've been introduced to some great new music, and I thought I'd pass along some recommendations. It would be fantastic if you replied with a comment on what you're listening to these days. The following artists have a bunch of great songs, but I'll just post the name of one single that is a good representation of their style.

"White Winter Hymnal" by Fleet Foxes
"Wild Tigers I Have Known" by Emily Jane White
"That Year" by Brandi Carlile

Here's a quick movie recommendation, too. "Sugar". It's about a guy who grows up in the Dominican Republic and then gets a chance to play baseball in the United States. The writer/directors are Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck; they also wrote and directed the wonderful film "Half Nelson." Normally, I'm a little skeptical of movies centered on sports, but truly - this is a great film.

Your turn! What are you watching and listening to?

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