Advent in Your Everyday: Day #18

Today's Photo: "The Little Things"

, verb: "to pay attention to; to watch."

"To observe" is a special and oftentimes overlooked task of the Advent pilgrimage.

Everyone knows that waiting is an important part of Advent. But we don't just wait by standing around twiddling our thumbs and "eating Cheetos" (as my pal Joy would say). Our waiting is purposeful. There's activity amidst our waiting. There's observation happening throughout our weeks of Advent anticipation.

God is just as present today as God will be on Christmas morning. And Jesus is just as near to us today as he was near to Mary and Joseph on the day of his birth. Really! But it's hard to recognize God's ever-present nearness if we don't take time to observe, to pay attention, to watch.

Where have you observed God's movement so far this week? Is it easy or challenging to "watch" for the Creator's activity? How might you fit more moments of holy "observation" into your daily routines?

Observer of All Creation, thank you for giving us curious, seeking hearts. May we never stop paying attention to Your presence.

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