Advent in Your Everyday: Day #15

Today's Photo: "Sun Please"

Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent! I hope you have been noticing all sorts of holy, sacred moments in your month so far.

During the children's sermon this morning we talked about the 3rd candle on the Advent wreath. It's the "Shepherd's Candle." We talked about all the joy and happiness that the shepherd's felt when they saw baby Jesus. And then I asked the kids about times in their lives when they feel really happy. Of course, there was a quite a range of answers: birthdays, vacation, sleeping, lunch, and Christmas just to name a few. I said, "When we see the light of that 3rd candle, it reminds us of the joy and happiness the shepherds felt when they saw Jesus. We have that same joy in our hearts, too."

What has brought happiness to your heart this month? How does your life of faith relate to the joy you experience? May the week ahead be one filled with moments of shepherd-like rejoicing.

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  1. hmmm my happiness has been inspired by the lovely faith community i am surrounded by....i am so blessed to have these amazing people in my life!