"Today's Photo #1: Mario is a Cutie Pie"

Today's Photo #2: "Crunch"

2 glorious days of Iowa family fun! I am loving it. Yesterday was terrific. And today has been gloriously lazy. Back to work tomorrow. It has been such a blessing to be here for a few days! Very refreshing. I listened to a few podcasts on the drive here from Minnesota. I really, really, really enjoy "This American Life."

Highlights of the last 24 hours:
-Playing Super Mario Brothers and Dance Dance Revolution with my brother
-Delicious food
-Laughing at the dinner table
-Sleeping in until 9:14am this morning!
-Seeing that my step-dad is getting better and better each day since his surgery
-Mom labeling all the food in the refrigerator will silly food names
-In 30 minutes I'm going to watch "Days of Our Lives" which I haven't watched in at least 4 months! It's such a terribly terrific soap opera.
-Lots of great family time yesterday with some cousins, uncles, aunts, and my step-grandpa
-Randomly seeing my best friend from 1st grade while at a gas station on the drive home (hadn't seen each other for about 10 years)

I hope that you're having a great Friday - whether you're with family, out shopping, or at work. What was the most lovely thing that happened to you on Thanksgiving? Anything delightful you'd like to share?

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