5 Things We Love Right This Minute...

Today's Photo: "Bartlett" (Interestingly, until today I always thought the word was Barlet)

Yesterday I spent some time with the kindergarten Sunday School class. They were precious and adorable. We sang some songs together and said the Lord's Prayer. There was a little guy in the class who thought he was saying the right words and instead was totally making up his own version of things. It was precious. We were singing "The B-I-B-L-E" and the line is supposed to be: "I stand alone on the Word of God" and he sang it as: "I stand on love and the Word of God." I'm going to have to say - I really like his version better.

I was thinking today is the perfect day to share our 5 favorite things of the moment! It has been awhile; please join me! Here are mine:

1) Pears
2) Learning my way around the local hospitals so I am not constantly lost while trying to do visits
3) To Do Lists
4) Kale Crisps (tear kale into tiny pieces, add salt, and bake at 400 degrees for 12 minutes)
5) Iced Tea


  1. My five for today:
    1. Sesame Street
    2. editing photos from a fun trip home
    3. this awesome warm weather
    4. all the good TV shows waiting for me on my Tivo
    5. my shiny delicious new iPhone

  2. 1. Sleeping in
    2. Free samples
    3. Coupons
    4. Sitting in my soon to be baby's room
    5. Curling up with a book and hot chocolate/hot tea
    6. Peppermint ice cream

    (yes, I listed 6!)

  3. oh how i have missed these posts. sorry i have been so busy that i haven't been visiting much. you are always in my thoughts though :)

    my five to today:
    1. getting my hair done - more pink streaks added, more bangs & a trim
    2. getting a massage later - hooray
    3. observing/assisting in a yoga class this evening as part of my yoga teacher training
    4. the beautiful sunshine that we are blessed with today
    5. being excited to wake up every single day since starting my massage therapy schooling & yoga teacher training. this is the first time in my life that i don't dread tomorrow and it feels fabulous!!

    have a mindful monday and may the rest of your week be as fabulous as you are. hugs my darling friend!!

  4. 1. Monday morning coffee with friends
    2. A part-time job possibility
    3. Secret Santas
    4. Historical Fiction
    5. My girls

  5. I like his version of that song better, too! I mean, really: why are we standing alone on the word of God? Aren't we all singing this together? Did the songwriter really mean, "I stand on the word of God alone"? I have some questions about that song.

    And here are some answers: five things I love right this minute!

    1. Dancing with (and for) my baby.
    2. A home visit within walking distance of my house.
    3. Raspberry rhubarb crisp at said visit, offered by the parishioner's granddaughter.
    4. Sunshine and blue sky!
    5. Crockpot cooking.

  6. 1.Morning Devotions
    2.Rechargeable Book Lights
    3.Organic Oranges
    4.Bridges built
    5.Walls coming down