"To you I surrender my being, my life; all, Lord, I surrender. Amen, amen."
- Verse 3 of "Yours, Lord, Is the Glory"

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "I have no idea how to handle this situation. I have no idea what to do?" Well, I find myself thinking that from time to time (quite frequently, in fact). I came across this verse of a hymn today. It seems like a good prayer to remember in the midst of helpless/confusing moments.

Sometimes it feels nearly impossible to "know" the right way to proceed. Sometimes the path is so overgrown with weeds that we can't even see it anymore. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed with options that we can get stuck in our own indecisiveness. In all these situations, we are reminded of God's invitation to us to surrender.

But I like control. So the idea of surrendering is frightening. But it's also alluring. So, what does it mean to surrender our lives to the care of our Creator?

Even as one who attempts to surrender my life to God now and then, I sure don't become much less planning-oriented- I like my agendas, binders, and schedules. I do not believe surrendering means we need to become any less intentional about how we live and treat one another.

I think that to surrender our being to God is to surrender the helplessness, the worry, the stress, and the burdens we needlessly carry around inside our bodies and our minds.

Surrender. I wish I could remember the beauty of this word and this way of life. God, please help us all to embrace the sacredness of the great surrender.

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