"Peace" talk.

Today's Photo: "The Center of a Pod"

Peace seems to be the theme of the day. President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for the year. Ironically, he did this the day after I finally learned how to correctly spell “Barnes and Noble.” With today's announcement and all the news focused on the word Nobel, I’m quite sure I will now forever end up switching the spelling of these two words around.

As far as the Peace Prize goes, I’ve listened to some radio commentary and some television commentary and some Facebook commentary on whether or not the award is truly deserved.

And here’s what I have to say to that: Seriously? Like we have nothing better to think about than whether or not President Obama deserves an award for advocating global peace and dialogue? Instead, how about we all try to focus our energy on something more productive. For instance: let’s focus all that energy on promoting peace ourselves!

I’m pretty sure the goal of this award is that it will inspire others to seek peace in their lives and in their communities. Dear World: let’s just focus on that, okay? It’s not like 99.999% of us were being considered for the Peace Prize this year anyway! Instead of complaining and over-analyzing and defending - let’s instead emulate the people out there in the world living lives rooted in understanding, compassion, and non-violence, President Obama or otherwise. Perhaps this is a perfect opportunity to send a “Thank You” letter to your favorite peace promoter.

Peace. That’s what the award is about. And we can all live peacefully, whether we’ll ever receive a special certificate in Norway or not.