Fantastic Fiesta

Today's Photo: "Lady" - (taken outside the church this afternoon)

Tonight we are having a "Mexican Fiesta" night at church in place of our usual Wednesday evening
meal & education program. Several congregation members are hosting the families who have traveled here from Mexico to celebrate with us. They are all families from the northern part of Mexico who are associated with the group Latin American Lutheran Mission. I'm hosting Bertsabeth, Luis, and Marco.

They speak only Spanish, and I speak minimal Spanish. So it has been a grand adventure in the wonders of communication! We had a good time at breakfast this morning. Hopefully my terrible Spanish grammar and poorly constructed sentences didn't come off quite as awkward as they felt. The family is very patient, friendly, and encouraging. That really helps!

I'm excited for the laughter and smiles we will all have tonight at church complete with a mercado (market place), amazing food, and great music. It sounds like a lot of people from the congregation are coming; it will be a great opportunity for all of us to expand our global awareness.

Language. What a unique aspect of life, huh? So many languages in one world. Knowing a language opens so many doors for mutual understanding and learning. I sure would love to become fluent in Spanish. Why do I always say that and then not do anything about it? I'm going to work on that.

Thank you Bertsabeth, Luis, and Marco. You are filled with life, love, and passionate faith - and those qualities shine through in any and every language.


  1. Hope you had a great night at church & fun speaking some more Spanish!!