By the Count...

Today's Photo: "Hello Handsome"

Today by the count:

-3 cups of coffee spread out through…
-2 home visits
-7 amazing African Violets growing at the home of a fantastic lady
-20 pastors at text study this afternoon
-9 emails sent
-10 emails received
-1/2 a pumpkin bar devoured
-82 kids coming for confirmation tonight
-1 gigantic cinnamon role at a monthly women’s group meeting
-14 pictures taken out in the prairie behind the church

Other highlights include the following quotes:
- “The men were so dappy and the women were so nasty” (said by a lady discussing a book she recently read about past presidents and their wives)

- “Well I sure am glad we aren’t all the same. What a boring world it would be!” (a woman speaking on why she’s happy her friend likes coffee and she likes tea)

- “See, I am making all things new” – (Jesus says it in the Gospel lesson for this week from the 11th chapter of John)

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