Miracle of Miracles. Hot Yoga!

Today's Photo: "Looking Up"

Last night for 90 glorious minutes I sat in a dimly lit yoga studio heated to the triple-digit range. It was amazing. As the class finished up and I laid in the corpse pose (sorry, I know the name of the pose is a little odd), my eyes welled up with tears of joy and thankfulness.

I can hardly believe it! There’s a yoga studio in
Rochester that offers hot yoga classes! It just opened at the beginning of September. Last night I was the only student so the lovely instructor and I did the class side-by-side facing the mirror.

It’s interesting; of all the spiritual environments I find myself it, yoga puts my heart and mind in a whole different place. It’s centering and vigorous and exhausting.
I love how my brain relaxes its frenzied pace and all I can think about is the pose that I am doing. I love it so much that I don't even mind that I am not very good at it. It's just nice to stretch and strain and focus.

It’s so important to have spaces where we feel free, isn’t it?
A room in the house, a class at the local community college, the sanctuary at church, a coffee shop down the street: whatever the case might be, we all need spaces where we can just “be.” Sacred spaces. I’m learning in my own life that making time for sacred moments and sacred spaces is probably the key to emotional, spiritual, and physical stability.

Breathe Yoga Studios: that’s the name of the place where I will now be practicing yoga.

It all comes back to breathing, doesn’t it?
Life breathing. Breathe deep, dear friends.
And seek out the sacred spaces surrounding you today.

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