This is a funny life.

Today's Photo: "Growing Green"

Funny things that happened today:
-My landlord came over to my house when I was in the shower
-I said hello to a stranger while I was getting into my car, and she said, "Are you that new pastor in town?"
-I sat through several totally ridiculous "Iowa" jokes (apparently Minnesotans tell them a lot)
-The water was shut off for several hours at church leading to a variety of silly situations involving the toilet

Lessons I learned today:
-I have a lot to learn
-People dealing with sickness and death teach me new lessons about life every day
-I would like to read the Bible a lot more than I do
-Prayer is a miracle and it has the power to change our lives and our world
-There are couples who've been married for many decades who teach me daily that faithfulness and commitment are possible and real

My very favorite quote and moment of today: "There are a lot of kinds of cows. There are brown cows, black cows, white cows, spotted cows, dairy cows, and many other kinds. But you know what? They're all cows. It's the same way with people. There are many kinds of people, but in the end, we're all the same. We're all people." - The context of this quote was a very interesting conversation about cultural differences. The speaker was a highly terrific, hilarious, stubborn 70-something farmer and lover of cows.

My second favorite moment (which has occured in different forms every day since I moved here):
Person A: "You married?"
Me: "No"
Person A: (pause) "Is there a reason for that?"
Me: "No, there is no reason for that."
Person A: (laughing) "Well you just haven't met the right guy yet."
Me: (smiling politely)

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