Take a Big Bite

Today's Photo: "Close up"

On a daily basis, I come into contact with a multitude of vessels bearing holy, magnificent wisdom. It leaves me speechless; and sometimes it leaves me driving back to my office in a small tear-puddle. Honestly, I cannot believe how amazing people are. My favorite wise people are the people who have no idea that they are wise.

There’s a special lady I met this week who is determined to never stop doing what she loves. She said, “The moment you give up and stop doing your favorite activities, you’ll never do them again. You’ve got to keep doing what you love to do.” So she’s bound and determined (and approaching 90 years of age) to keep setting her own hair in rollers, keep growing her own violets, keep baking her own cookies, and keep scrubbing her own floors.

She definitely reminded me that we all need to find time to do the things we love doing – NOW. There’s no sense in putting things off. Another reality I’ve been reminded of in the last month of pastoral work – you never ever know what’s ahead. So – in these moments – we truly need to savor every bite. And take big bites. Great big bites of life.

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