My First Grown-Up Conference (with hotel)

Hello! Sorry I don't have a picture yet today! I'm hoping to get one later this evening.

I'm currently enjoying a beautiful hotel room in St. Paul, Minnesota! I'm here for the Book of Faith conference at Luther Seminary. So far, it is highly fantastic. And I'm here with a lovely gal named Sarah! I'm learning all about how great the Bible is and how important it is to encourage and empower people to utilize it in their daily lives.

Two big highlights:
1) Hearing Eugene Peterson speak (author of The Message translation of the Bible)
2) Hearing another guy speak about how the Bible is a story and our extended family are the characters, and we are characters in the story, too.

Other highlights:
1) Hummus at lunch
2) Seeing a few people that I know
3) Sitting in the sun for 15 minutes
4) The free chocolate during snack time
5) Sitting next to a retired physician named Leo and a reading teacher named Elaine
6) When Eugene Peterson used a swear word during a story about nuns (Nuns are so silly and hilarious!)
7) See Sarah's uncle's amazing broccoli plants in his garden

Something strange that keeps happening:
1) People keep adding an "L" to my name! Emily Carlson! It's happening all the time! Even on my name tag for this conference! What's the deal? Maybe Carlson is a Norwegian name or something?

Another something strange:
1) My hotel room number is 666! I don't really mind, but I told the check-in guy that I was here for a Pastor's Conference, and he said, "Well that makes your hotel room number quite ironic."

Something I'm looking forward to:
1) DINNER WITH JOY! :) :) :) :) She's a great seminary friend who also happens to be at this conference! Yipee!

Hope you're having a great Saturday.

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