Familiar Faces = Yipee

It's a sunny Monday in Minnesota. And something very exciting happened today! I got to see some delightful friends from southern Illinois! They are members at the church where I did my internship, and they happen to be in the area. It was SOOOOO fantastic to see them and share lunch!

They said I have already developed a bit of a Minnesota accent. Can you believe it? I've only been here for a week! They said in a year they probably won't be able to understand me anymore. ha ha. But they might be right! :) Apparently my "o" sound has increased in length - a trademark of Minnesotans.

As much as I love getting to know new people and places, it sure was a delight to see some familiar faces today!

Looking forward to an exciting week at churchy-church.

Hope you're having lots of adventures. Here's a picture of my fantastic afternoon lunchy with my southern pals. I love them, love them, love them! It was taken by our very kind waiter.

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