High Five, Thumbs Up = The Lady Pastor Becomes a Real Pastor

Today's Photo: "All Smiles"

Hello friends! Today I have a fun update to share. Zion Lutheran Church voted this morning to call me as their new Associate Pastor! Yipee! I will move to Minnesota this Friday, July 31st. And I will start at Zion next Sunday. Exciting times. I am so truly thankful to everyone for their encouragement and support over the last few years. What a wonderful, beautiful, totally surprising journey it has been. I am elated to discover what's next around the corner.

I have a little additional information to share about my upcoming ordination. "What is an ordination?" you might be asking. This is a great question! I would describe an ordination this way: A celebration of God's activity in the world and especially a celebration of how God works through the Church. During an ordination, a person who has finished seminary and has received a position as a pastor is commissioned (sent out) by the ELCA & all those gathered to preach the Word and administer the Sacraments. It is a neat opportunity for friends and family and congregation members to rejoice at how Jesus is alive and active in our midst - using the gifts and abilities of all people to share God's love! I hope that you will join me in celebrating our ever-loving Creator on this special day.

Date: Sunday, August 30
Time: 3pm
Location: Immanuel Lutheran Church in Independence, Iowa
*Dinner to follow


  1. Congrats sweet darling! So proud of you and looking forward to hearing all about the new adventure!

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