Grow like a tomato

Today's photo: "Jenni plants a champion garden"

Story background
: Last year I was bit by a dog and a cat within the same month. I developed a small complex.

Today's story #1: An extremely friendly (and ever-so-slightly annoying) farm cat belonging to some neighbors (maybe?) might have nearly cured me of my small complex. Sadly, I'm still allergic.

Today's Story #2: Today I visited my friend Jenni and her adorable little guy, Conley (sadly I didn't get to see her hubby Nick today). Conley is so cool and funny and brilliant and lively (to use a vocabulary word from one of my ESL tutoring sessions this week). Spending time with Jenni is like eating a gigantic serving of strawberry-rhubarb crisp, always wonderful and joyful. On the way back from our walk, I got to see her truly amazing garden! She said she just put up a fence, stuck in some plants, and watered periodically! As you can see from the photo at the top of the entry - THOSE TOMATO PLANTS ARE ENORMOUS! No special pesticides or chemicals. Just love and sunshine and rain.

While I am not exactly sure what life lessons are to be found in Jenni's garden, I know there must be several. One point seems clear: in a healthy, peaceful environment - plants can more easily thrive and grow to inspiring heights. Oftentimes, I think it's the same for people: whether it's a work environment, or school, or home, or in the church. I hope when I become a pastor sometime very soon, I can contribute to creating a church space where people feel brave enough and free enough to bloom and flower and stretch to the sky.

No matter what environment we most often find ourselves in these days, may we all find the courage to grow like Jenni's tomatoes.

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