30 Days Inspired: Day 9

Day 9: First of all, I am highly inspired by everyone's responses to today's earlier post! Thank you for participating! There are so many thiCheck Spellingngs in this world to love, huh?

For today's inspirational activity, I attended a free informational meeting at Karyn's in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. My first error, I thought it was a cooking class: how to cook fruits and vegetables in new ways. It turns out, there was no cooking instruction involved in the two-hour endeavor. The meeting was held in a room with lots of folding chairs lined up in rows, and it was packed; I bet there were 50 people there. Karyn is a raw foodist with 2 restaurants in Chicago and a product line (a raw foodist is a person who only eats uncooked fruits and vegetables). She was on "Oprah" 8 years ago promoting her lifestyle; it has kept her quite young looking.

So anyway, the meeting was interesting, but I can't say I learned anything new. I'm already on-board with people eating lots of plant-based foods. As an aside, I went through a phase right before college where I was into the raw foods movement. Apparently it has gained a lot of steam in the last decade! I'm glad I went tonight; mostly because it was interesting to see all of the people who randomly ended up in that room. People are SO curious about health and wellness. It seemed that almost everyone there had some kind of condition or illness or disease they were looking to cure. It made me a little sad. We are a very sick country. I hope we all learn how to treat our bodies better; and I especially hope people without access to healthy foods and medical care will soon be provided access to those necessities. The crowd at Karyn's tonight looked pretty upper-middle class and Caucasian. And people in that bracket generally have access to fresh fruits and veggies. Sadly, the same cannot be said for many of the more impoverished neighborhoods of Chicago and other urban areas (Karyn addressed this issue once during her talk saying that she's developing "a class for poor people." Interesting.) All in all, she seems like a unique lady, and I think generally well-intentioned in her desire to inspire people to thrive in a healthy way.

What most inspires me today is a vision of a time when all people and all created beings will have access to health and wholeness. What a world it will be.

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