30 Days Inspired: Day 25

Day 25: I got to talk to my WONDERFUL friend Alison today on the phone for a whole hour! We set up a phone date and it was FANTASTIC! We need to do that more often. Today her and her husband, Mike, are celebrating their 5 year anniversary. It was inspiring and so so so great to talk to her about life and motherhood and adventures in Iowa. Alison was my freshman year roommate at Wartburg College and I have thanked God for that random roommate assignment many, many times.

After the heavenly phone chat, I went and did another 2-hour cleaning job. And then, feeling full inspired by the process of cleaning another person's space, I decided to clean all my floors and rearrange my apartment! And I'm wore a terrific, stinky face mask at the same time. I love wearing face masks.

Tonight I will head to the Quad Cities with a friend to take part in the ordination service of my friend, the very-nearly-titled PASTOR JOY!

Have a great evening, friends. Happy almost weekend.

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