30 Days Inspired: Day 19

Day 19: Lots of fun today! I will share more pictures of the weekend tomorrow or Monday. My mom, brother, and step-dad are here in Chicago visiting for the weekend. It has been tons-o-fun! The Adler Planetarian, the Chicago Diner (my first trip to a vegan restaurant - SO delicious), and the Blues Festival downtown. I love this city - lately it is becoming more and more difficult to imagine leaving.

I am so thankful for family, sunshine, and laughter.

What is one random wonderful thing about your weekend thus far????

Here's mine: I got to drink a vegan birthday chocolate chip-peanut-butter milkshake!!!!!!

Your turn!


  1. Glad you are enjoying your family!

    My random wonderful thing: seeing Andy's excitement over taking his kids to the ballpark for the first time last night.

  2. my random thing for this past weekend was i didn't go to any yoga studios while i was in philadelphia, i know, shocker. but i still did some yoga at my friend's house. :) you didn't think i completely bailed did ya?!