30 Days Inspired: Day 18

Day 18: The air has the slightest chill, but the sun is shining. I am thankful for a little extra Vitamin D shining above today. For today's inspiration I did a little handful of activities.

1) A friend brought over a delicious breakfast to share. Lots of tasty fruit.
2) Lots and lots of cleaning. My mom, brother, and step-dad are headed to Chicago for the weekend!
3) I walked over to St. Thomas Catholic Church and sat still for a little while. There is something about that place that is very alluring to me lately. I go there just to walk around the courtyard and take pictures and absorb. I believe God is everywhere, but forwhatever reason, I am more able to soak up "God vibes" in some places more than others. I like to look at the St. Thomas statue. He always looks a little different. Today he had a rainbow over his head. It felt like a sign of hope. Thank you, rainbow.

Have a great weekend. Absorb the beauty and inspiration all about you!

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  1. beautiful pics!! love the ones w/ the rainbow. very inspiring.