In Honor of Time

Today I graduated from seminary! I'll post pictures soon. Thank you (multiplied by a billion) to my friends and family who attended; you warm my heart. I cannot believe how quickly 4 years raced by. It is bizarre. I am so thankful. I have no idea what's next; but I'm sure it will be an adventure.

A poem I wrote last night in honor of these years:


Its pace eludes me.
This aching for more minutes and more hours overwhelms.
Tell me tomorrow will come and its contents will be familiar.
These digital clocks have no ticking arms, but I still feel them slipping.
There is no net to catch these moments.
I cannot preserve these hours in jars of glass.
Memories and photographs are fragile substitutes.
Time whispers always "hello" and "goodbye."
Please help me absorb it all in gratitude.

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  1. congrats, congrats, congrats on your huge accomplishment. you go girl!! i'm proud of you.