An assignment.

Happy Memorial Day. I hope that you found ways to do some remembering today. Here's a quick link all about the history of Memorial Day on Wikipedia.

I heard an interesting interview on the radio today. The man being interviewed was talking about veterans and current military-related issues. He said something quite thought-provoking. He said regardless of what a person thinks about the United States' presence in Iraq or Afghanitstan or anywhere else, today, people need to think about what freedom means to them. The interviewee said that we all have different perspectives on freedom and that's a wonderful thing, but we should all make a genuine effort on Memorial Day to think about what 'freedom' means to us.

I've been struggling with this assignment. I've been thinking about what freedom means to different people around the world. But personally, I guess I don't think specifically about freedom often enough. It's a word that brings up all sorts of different connotations, many of them complex and related to political viewpoints with which I struggle to relate. But at its core, I think freedom is a really important concept and especially worth considering today. I hope that at some point during your evening, you find a moment to ponder your own perspectives on freedom and peace and courage.

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