30 Days Inspired: Day 6

Day 6: The warm sun and dear friends have melted away my internal ickiness, and I am thankful. I started out the day a bit on the grouchy side for a small plethora of reasons (yes, I already forgot yesterday's mission to focus only on the lovable parts of life).

In search of today's dose of inspiration, I headed to Oak Park to visit two lovely pals. We had a delicious brunch, and then they took me to the amazing Trader Joe's grocery store. Wow, that place is beautiful. So many wholesome, yummy foods!

They are amazing. I am so thankful.

Then I came home and took a stroll down to the lake. On the way I took a few snapshots of the St. Thomas statue at the Catholic church near the seminary. The lake's magnificence was like breathing in new life. There were laughing, smiling people everywhere! I heard at least 3 languages being spoken. It was a beautiful feeling sitting on the bench reading and writing.

I think circumstances have inspired me to learn several valuable life lessons in the last 24 hours. Most of these painful educational blessings center on the reality of human brokenness. People hurt people. Some people act without thinking of the consequences. Others manipulate because they haven't learned any healthier ways to get what they want. Still others deceive, betray, and mislead. And then there are the majority of us (like myself) who act in all these terrible ways at one point or another. And it stinks. Hurt hurts.

I'm learning slowly but surely that I can only control my own actions. I can't fix anyone else's brokenness. I can't change anyone else's patters of behavior. So with that being the case, I am inspired to start praying that God and the universe and experience will mold me into a life-giving person and not a life-sucking person. I want to be a person who is compassionate, open-minded, and truly concerned for the well-being of others. Loving Creator, may it indeed be so. Amen.

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