30 Days Inspired: Day 5

Day 5: This morning when I woke up (and after I visited the seminary yard sale), I turned on public television. The man speaking was Dr. Daniel Amen; he was discussing his book "A Magnificent Mind at Any Age." I only caught the last 10 minutes of the program. He said that one of the keys to keeping a healthy brain is to always focus on the parts of your life that you love. I really like that advice, and I especially like the idea that such an attitude can contribute to the long-term health of the brain!

So, as if I needed one more reason not to be complaining or whining (even when it's only internally) about my current joblessness/other random frustrations, now I have it! I want a healthy brain, so from now on, I'm going to try ONLY thinking about the parts of my life that I love. Some might call it denial, but now (thanks to Dr. Amen), I'm calling it the ticket to a magnificent mind.

To ingest today's dose of inspiration, I headed only 8.1 miles away from the seminary and visited the National Museum of Mexican Art in the Pilsen neighborhood. What a stupendous (to use my Turkish learning partner's favorite word) place! The walls are filled with beautiful, thought-provoking works. I can't believe this treasure is so close to where I live! Why haven't I been going here throughout the last 4 years? And amazingly, admission is free. I can't wait to go back and soak in more of those artistic vibes. Many of the paintings and photos have a social justice slant which really got me thinking about all sorts of intercultural issues. I want to learn Spanish, and I have no excuse not to! I took 4 years in high school, so I'm sure there's some foundation there. I just need to work at it. I should investigate possible Spanish classes I could enroll in.

Some of my favorite works at the museum are:
"Virgen de Guadalupe" by Michael Cabrera
"The Legend of the Volcanoes" by Jesus Helguera
"Mother Earth" by Salvador Rega
"Migrant" by Oscar Moya
"Blue Collar" by Oscar Moya

This morning's museum visit was a fantastic start to the weekend. My blood feels like it's flowing with gratitude and inspiration. I am very thankful for the deep cultural and religious histories in this city. Being here these last few years has been so transformating and enriching.

I hope that your weekend is filled with amazing adventures wherever you live. There are inspiring encounters to be had all over this bizarrely beautiful world: from your backyard in a small town to the top of the tallest sky-scraper; all of life is living, breathing inspiration. Breathe deep.


  1. that sounds like a fabulous little place. i'm sure i'd love it!!

  2. that sounds like a fabulous little place. i'm sure i'd love it!!