30 Days Braver: Day 2

Day 2: Last night I completed the second day of my "30 Days Braver" project. Yesterday I went to sleep without any extra lights on! I know, for many, this is silly or ridiculous or childlike or bananas. But, for me, it was a significant life moment. I have actually been tremendously afraid of the dark for quite some time. I generally fall asleep with a giant lamp on every night. Well, I used to. I'm not sure if I still will. But, regardless - for one night - I overcame my fear of the dark. Check out the dark view! I made it!

I am hoping that I will find slightly more exciting ways to follow Eleanor Roosevelt's inspiring advice and "do something everyday that scares you" as the weeks proceed. I'm putting together a calendar this evening. Here's just a quick teaser of what the next 30 days will include: hold a snake, go on a hot air balloon ride, ride in a semi, and rock climb. I'm up for scary suggestions if you have any!